Basic Westside Barbell Template

Here is what a basic Westside split looks like.

Monday – Max Effort Squat/Deads

Variation of Squat/Deads (pick one) – add chains/bands + vary stance/boxes
a. Low Box Squat
b. High Box Squat
c. Deadlifts off Box
d. Good Mornings (variations as well)
e. Safety Squat Bar
f. Trap Bar Deads
g. Cambered Bar Squats

change max effort exercise every week. eventually you will have to come back to ones you have done before.

**work upto triples. when the weight feels heavy…drop to singles. max out…to your TRAINING DAY MAX…not your ALL TIME MAX.

Assistance Work (options, choose 1-2)

  1. Glute ham raises
  2. Reverse hypers
  3. hyperextentions
  5. High rep partial deads

**sets and reps are upto the lifter. depends on your lifting ability and recovery ability.

vary these exercises when you start stalling. again, you will come back to old ones. train near failure. i suggest low intensity/higher volume work this day.

Ab work is also done this day. keep it heavy and low volume.

Tuesday – Dynamic Effort Bench

Speed Bench/Floor Press/Various Board Presses- vary with bands/chains/grip – 8×3

Assistance Work (choose one from each group)(high intensity)

Group A – Tris (main FOCUS)

  1. Rack Lockouts
  2. JM Presses
  3. DB/BB Extentions
  4. Close Grip with various bars

Group B – Lats

Group C – Shoulders
All sorts of Laterals. Focus on rear delt work.

Wed – GPP (General Physical Prep)

  1. Sled Pulling
  2. Wheel Barrow Pushing
  3. Vehicle Pushing
  4. Box Jumps
  5. Push-ups
  6. Pull-ups
  7. Kettlebell/Med Ball work
  8. Core work
  9. Swimming

Thurs – DE Squat

Speed Box Squat – vary box/chains/bands – 10×2

assistance work/ab work same as ME day…go for more volume though

Fri – ME Bench

Bench Variation – vary with bands/chains/grips – reps/sets same as ME Squat day.

assistance work same as dynamic day. higher volume though

Sat – GPP

Same as Wednesday.

Sunday – OFF

The concept behind Westside is……train the bodyparts that squat/bench/dead…..not the actual lift. You train the lift by doing variations and changing it up every week. This way, you dont stall and you can max out every week. Focusing on weak points is big. Most people can’t bench a lot/squat a lot because their tris/posterior chain is weak.

GPP helps develop overall development and explosiveness. It’s a fun way of doing cardio.