M2 – Weightlifting – 11 of 16

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WO #1 (5:00am) Chinese Warm Up 3min Snacth Dowel Warm Up 2min Snatch Technical Warm Up 5min 1x10ea Sn Dead+HMS+Sn Press+OHS+Sotts Press 1x5ea MS+HPS+Pressing Snatch Balance+Sn Land+Sn Drop 1x3ea PS+HS+HSB+SB+Sotts Press 1x1ea 3 Pos Sn Land (Power Sn +Sn to Parellel+Snatch 3 Pos Sn Pull (Hang Sn+Hang Sn @ the Knee+Sn) Technical Work Hang Below the Knee Snatch High Pull …

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MaxM2 – Weightlifting – 11 of 16