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Diaries of a Hermit Coach…

As a coach, I really like keeping to myself and to my community. I pride myself on being a hermit coach but sometimes, and especially as of late, kids (which is my way of saying dude for athletes or people), have been getting me out from under my rock. In the last thirty days I have gone on five trips for coaching. I visited the east coast to evaluate athletes, traveled to another country for personal training, and went to a few states to coach and prep athletes. This is all motivated by my passion for coaching and CrossFit. I have been blessed with coaching around the world, including all types of athletes and people looking to get the most out of their genetic potential. It is amazing to see how far CrossFit, coaching, the general quest for fitness has come. However, being a hermit coach is a choice that allows me to focus on my true passion; my community and athletes at a grassroots level.

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15.1 / 15.1a Outline

The 2015 Open is here!!! If 15.1 and 15.1a is any indicator of the 2015 Open-Season I am pretty excited of what’s to come. With that let’s take it one week at a time and focus on this 2 part 15.1 workout that is 15.1 and 15.1a. 15.1 is a 9 minute as many reps as possible (AMRAP) triplet of 15 toes to bar, 10 deadlifts at 115/75 lbs. and power snatch at 115/75 lbs. 15.1a is establishing a 1 rep max clean and jerk. This is a great workout to start the CrossFit Open-Season.
Do not let them fool you! This workout is a 9 minute AMRAP of toes to bars (T2B). The barbell work is just a break from the T2B and a little pre-exhaust for that clean & jerk. I would tell all levels to break up the toes to bars from the start. This workout must start slow. It will be easy to have your first round take 50 seconds and then you will see your second or third round blow up! I would pace something that you can stay within 5% of your start pace. Work up to the 9 minute mark and start recovering and loading your weights. You want to work on a 90 second clock so you can get 4 sets in during the 6 minutes. In those 4 sets take around 60 – 70 – 80 – 90% of your 1 rep max clean & jerk. Don’t rush your lifts and remember to lock your breath in during your lifts from being winded. Here is the break down and have fun!

15.1 - 15.1a Outline

1. The Workout
a. 15.1 is 9min AMRAP of:
15 Toes to Bar
10 Deadlifts 115/75#
5 Snatch 115/75#
15.1a is 6min AHAP of:
RFH Clean & Jerk

2. Strategy, Tips, and Break Down
a. Beginner
15.1 goal = 150+ reps
15.1a goal = >80% of 1RM CJ
Toes to Bars 3×5 or 5×3
Deadlifts 10 or 2×5
Snatch 3-2 or 5×1
Clean & Jerk 50-60-70-80%
b. Intermediate
15.1 goal = 225+ reps
15.1a goal = >90% of 1RM CJ
Toes to Bars 3×5
Deadlifts 10 Unbroken
Snatch 5 Unbroken
Clean & Jerk 60-70-80-90%
c. Advance
15.1 goal = 240+ reps
15.1a goal = >93% of 1RM CJ
Toes to Bars 8/7 or 3×5
Deadlifts 10 Unbroken
Snatch 5 Unbroken
Clean & Jerk 65-78-88-93%

3. Warm-Up
a. Roll Out (0-5min)
i. Upper Body
1. Lats, Back, and Forearms
ii. Lower Body
1. Quads, Hams, Gluts, and Calves
b. Monostructural (5-7min)
i. Row for 3 to 5min
ii. 1x10ea
1. Pass Through + Around the worlds
c. Active/Dynamic Warm-Up (7-12min)
i. 1x10ea
1. High Kick, 2 Arms + 1 Foot, 1 Arm 1 Leg High Kick, 1 Arms + Opposite Foot w/ Reach
ii. 1x5ea
1. High knee tuck + Spiderman + Triangle
2. 2 Arms, 1 Foot + Reverse Lunge + Opposite Heel Touch + Runner hamstring Stretch
3. Sun Salutation + Touch Toe + Walkout + Superman push up
4. Butterfly + Bi-lateral Lunge
d. Activation/Distraction (12-17min)
i. A) 1-2x10ea
a1. 20 Scapula Push Ups
a2. 20 Scapula Push Ups
a3. 10ea 4-way Band Walks
a4. 10ea 4-way Monster Walks
ii. 1×20-60sec – Band: Scap, Hip, Lat, Hamstring, and Capsule
e. Gymnastic Warm-Up (17-22min)
i. 1x
3 Scapula Swings
3 Scapula Swings w/ Bent Knee
3 Scapula Swings + Scapula Swings w/ Bent Knee
ii. 1-2x
1 Pull Over
2 T2B
3 Planche Push Ups
4 Parallette Hop Through
5 OH Band Therapy Squats
f. Bar Warm-Up (22-27min)
i. 1×5-10ea
1. Deadlift + Roman Deadlift + Bent Over Row + Hang Muscle Clean + Front Squats + Press + Back Squat + Good Morning
ii. 1×3-5ea
1. Muscle Snatch + Power Snatch + Snatch Push Press
2. Muscle Clean + Power Clean + Clean + Jerk
g. Prime the pump! (27-40min)
i. 1x
3-5 T2B
5-10 Deadlifts
3-5 Snatches
ii. 1x
Clean & Jerk 1/35% 1/55% 1/75%
h. Reset 5 to 10 min. (40-50min)
i. 3,2,1.. Go

15.1 – 15.1a CrossFit Open Break Down

Week 5 of the CrossFit Open and 14.5 is here!

Tips for Tackling CrossFit Open 14.5
By WOD Talk on March 29, 2014

Week 5 is here and it brings me both relief and a little sadness. 14.5 is an amazing workout in that it goes back to the root of all CrossFit workouts, “For time.” What a great way to go out!
14.5 is:

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Thrusters 95-lb./65-lb.
Bar Facing Burpees
CrossFit Games

This workout is like riding a bike up a false flat. At first you feel fine and feel like you can sustain that pace for ever and then “ZANG” you feel like you’re climbing a Giant Mountain! So with this is mind, you want to pace yourself in order to avoid burning out before the top. Going too slowly is grueling and will cause you to lose ground altogether. In your workout, when wheels start falling off and you start moving slower, remember to keep the same cadence going in your head even though you are slowing down a bit. Remember: once you get through the 15’s it’s all downhill from there!!!

Break Down:
15.5 Strategy


Beginner Athlete
You want to work in small chunks! No more than thirds, and maybe you should start with sets of 5 on the 21’s, 18’s, and maybe the 15’s. I know it is slow, but it is to insure you will not blow up near the end of the workout. The goal is sub 20 minutes. That is 8.4 reps a minute and I feel that is reasonable for even someone who just started!

Intermediate Athlete
The goal here is sub 15 minutes. The thrusters should be done in thirds and maybe halves to start. Sub 15 minutes is 11.2 reps a minute. This is a tough goal for any level, so be honest with yourself.

Advanced Athlete
Go Unbroken and move fast!!! This workout is a great workout to do two times. Mostly to see how fast you can go unbroken and if you pop; where and why. Then you can game it and “move slower to move faster.” But take that unbroken data and use that in your next year’s program. Remember when the workout slows down just keep moving, there is an out! Gamer Goals: sub 9:15 / Regionals Sub 10:15


Get out fast but do not go so hard that you pop!
Do not stop moving! This workout is going to slow down from the work load alone. The descending ladder should help to adjust to the speed but keep working at all costs.
Move the thrusters with no rush and be efficient!
Do not let your air out at the bottom of the thruster. Find the breathing pattern in the thruster.
Use your hips! The shoulders will get taxed from the burpees and thrusters, do not press out your thrusters, jump them up.
Move your burpees at a slow and steady pace.
Step up to the bar to slow you down and insure both feet get over the bar at the same time.
No, No-Reps on a burpee!!! Be vigilant and jump with both feet.
Do not rest on the ground in the burpee.
Yell “TIME” really loud when the workout is over because that’s the end to the 2014 CrossFit Open!


20-25min Before:
Roll-Out (5-10min)

Calf, Quad, Piriformis, Shoulder Cap, Lat, & Pec.
Monostructural (8-10min)

400m Jog
Forward Skip
Backward Skip
Lateral Skip
Skip for height, distance, speed
High Knees
Butt Kicks

Active Warm-Up (7-8min)

1×5-10ea. Floor Rotten
Leg Swing, Supine Scorpion, V-Roll, Supine Scorpion Angel, Reverse V-Roll to Hurdler Stretch, 2 Arms 1 Foot, 2 Arms 2 Feet, Prone Scorpion, Prone Step-up, Prone Step-up w/ Knee Down, Grasshopper, Pigeon, Hop-up, Sumo Squat Touch Down, Ninja Get-up


1-3x20sec to 1min
Band: Ankles, Hips, Forearms, Shoulders


7-way Shoulder Raise
Empty Can,
Front Raise Palm Down,
Lateral Raise Overhead Thumb-up,
Bent Over Rear Delt, Pinkies Up
Bent Over Superman, Thumb-up to Pinky-up
Overhead Med-Ball Throw
Single Leg RDL w/ T
Single Leg Squat Touch Down


Scapula Push-ups
Scapula Pull-ups
Prone Circles
Figure 8’s
Overhead Walking Samson Lunge
3 Planche Push-ups
6 Ring Rows
9 Therapy Squat

Barbell Warm-up

1×5-10ea “OG Bar Warm-up”
Deadlift + Romanian Deadlift + Bent Over Row + Hang Muscle Clean + Front Squat + Press + Back Squat + Rack Push Press + Good-morning
Muscle Clean + Power Clean + Thruster
Clean to Thruster

Prime the pump!

**Optional: 6 Thrusters / 6 Burpees**
4 Thrusters / 4 Burpees Reset
2 Thrusters / 2 Burpees

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Maximilian Mormont

Max is training director at CrossFit Costa Mesa in California and a coach at Maxfit USA. He holds a Level 3 CrossFit certification and helped develop the CrossFit Football program and curriculum. He also holds NASM, Functional Movement Screening and Corrective Exercise Specialist certifications. He qualified for the 2008 and 2012 Olympic trials for weightlifting, and was ranked top 10 in the nation from 2006 to 2012 in the 105kg and the 150+kg weight classes.


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Tips for Tackling CrossFit Open 14.4

Tips for Tackling CrossFit Open 14.4
By WOD Talk on March 21, 2014


Week three left us almost knowing what was next… But once again CrossFit throws us a loop! A great five exercise chipper.

14.4 is:

Complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible in 14 minutes of:
60-calorie row
50 toes-to-bars (T2B)
40 wall-ball shots (WB), M: 20 lb. to 10-foot target / 14 lb. to 9-foot target
30 cleans, 135 lb. / 95 lb.
20 muscle-ups


I really liked how Dave Castro said that they insured that this workout would leave time to expose you to an exercise like the muscle-up. This is what CrossFit is all about! What time better than now to get a PR muscle-up or maybe even your first muscle-up in front of all your family and friends? I do feel if you go at this workout hard you could leave yourself a good amount of time at the end to recover and do something special.

14.4 comes down to how much work can you get done in the front side of the workout to get through the muscle-ups and back to that rower. For you boys that want to get to Regionals, a safe place to be is at 18 plus muscle-ups. For you ladies 15 plus muscle-ups would be a good place to sit. It would be best to get some pulls on that rower if you need to make up some ground.

Strategy and Break Down

When looking at your strategy for this workout it comes down to what is your goal? If you are a beginner and your goal is just to get through the cleans, then you need to plan accordingly to leave yourself time to do it! If one muscle-up is the goal then get all the work down in less than ten minutes, rest for 60 seconds at least or maybe closer to 2 minutes, then give it a shot with no more than 2 to 3 attempts. Remember it is the Open and it is CrossFit, it should expose your strength and weaknesses, but don’t be scared.

I would attack this workout like breaking a 15 minute 3 mile race. That race comes down to the ability to get out and run the first mile in sub 5 minutes and hold on to that for the next 2 miles. The workout starts off steady on the rower. You want a 1:50/500m pace for males and a 2:00/500m pace for females. This is anywhere between 1,200 to 1,300 cals per hour. Set your drag factor at 114 to 118 and no more. Toes-to-bar is the same mentality, slow and steady. Now the wall ball and clean is where we crank it up! This is ideal for the second mile. Picking up the pace will insure a strong finish and allow for you to slow down if the last mile gets hard and trust me it will. The muscle-ups should start with one so there is no down time going into them. Once you get one, try two, and maybe three on the third set. From there you will decide to keep going up, hold, or go back down because it is too taxing and you are resting too long. You cannot go to muscle fatigue in this workout, so be smart and know your body!!

Strategy Outline

Beginner Athlete
Row = 1,100 to 1,200 cals/hr
T2B = 6 reps every 30 seconds
Wall Ball = 6 reps every 30 seconds
Clean = 1-3 reps every 30 seconds
Intermediate Athlete
Row = 1,200 to 1,300 cals/hr
T2B = 8 reps every 30 seconds
Wall Ball = 8 reps every 30 seconds
Clean = 4 reps every 30 seconds
Muscle-up = 1 rep every 30 seconds to 1 minute, maybe more
Advanced Athlete
Row 1,300 to 1,200 cals/hr
T2B = 10 reps every 30 seconds
Wall Ball = 10 reps every 30 seconds
Clean = 6 reps every 30 seconds
Muscle-up = 3 reps every 30 seconds



1. Slow and steady on the rower.
2. Do not, I repeat, do not crank up the dampener on the rower!
3. Check the drag factor on the rower and get a feel for the row.
4. No BIG sets on the Toes-to-Bars.
5. The toes-to-bars will make or break you, so do not burn out!
6. Use that kip and squeeze down on that bar to save you on those toes-to-bars (T2B).
7. Get the wall balls done in 3 to 5 sets.
8. The wall ball (WB) should be your second fastest exercise next to the clean but stay relaxed and try to recover for the cleans.
9. Do at least 20 of your cleans in singles to let your grip recover for the muscle-ups.
10. Slow and steady on the row and with the T2B. Speed up in the wall balls and cleans. Pace out the muscle-ups to maximize your score!

Roll Out (0-5min)
Upper Body – Lats, Back, and Forearms
Lower Body – Quads, Hams, Gluts, and Calves
Monostructural (5-7min)
Row 30 Cals in 1:45 – 2min
Bear Crawl
Crab Crawl
1x10ea – Pass Through + Around the worlds
Active/Dynamic Warm-Up (7-12min)
High Kick, 2 Arms + 1 Foot, 1 Arm 1 Leg High Kick, 1 Arms + Opposite Foot w/ Reach
High knee tuck + Spiderman + Triangle
2 Arms, 1 Foot + Reverse Lunge + Opposite Heel Touch + Runner hamstring Stretch
Sun Salutation + Touch Toe + Walkout + Superman push up
Butterfly + Bi-lateral Lunge
Activation/Distraction (12-17min)
20 Scapula Push Ups
20 Scapula Push Ups
10ea 4-way Band Walks
10ea 4-way Monster Walks
1×20-60sec – Band: Scap, Hip, Lat, Hamstring, and Capsule
Gymnastic Warm-Up (17-22min)
Pull Over
Planche Push Ups
Parallette Hop Throughs
OH Band Therapy Squats
Bar Warm-Up (22-27min)
Deadlift + Roman Deadlift + Bent Over Row + Hang Muscle Clean + Front Squats + Press + Back Squat + Good Morning
Muscle Clean + Power Clean + Clean + Push Press
Optional *1x1ea
Power Clean 95/65*
Power Clean 115/85*
1×1 @ 135/95 lbs
Prime the pump! (27-30min)
5 Cal Row
4 T2B
3 WB
2 PC
1 MU
Reset 5 to 8 min. (30-35min)

3,2,1.. Go

Maximilian Mormont